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About Us

The Muslim Charities Forum is an umbrella organisation for Muslim-led international NGOs, based in the UK. Since our inception in 2007 we have promoted collaborative working and knowledge sharing while supporting our member organisations through advocacy, training and research.

Our members have a collective income of £150,000,000 and work in 71 countries.

We have five clearly defined areas of work:

  • Advocacy – We advocate and work for the charitable sector through regular meetings and consultations with governmental bodies such as the Department for International Development, the Charity Commission and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Through this we are able to voice the concerns of the Muslim charity sector and the wider sector, and encourage a change for the better.
  • Governance - MCF encourages good, strong governance for all members and organisations across the sector. This includes encouraging all organisations to be transparent and open with their operations and finances.
  • Training and Services - We offer opportunities for the Muslim charity sector to build skills across a number of different disciplines related to the work of a charity as well as paid for services to help growth.
  • Research & Development – With the research that is conducted we are able to make informed advocacy decisions and gain greater insight into the issues affecting the Muslim charity sector.
  • Partnerships – We promote the benefits of positive working partnerships and cooperation between our members and with other charitable organisations, foundations and statutory bodies.