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Our advocacy effort focuses on supporting Muslim charity work through lobbying on issues that affect the efficiency and integrity of the sector. Built upon the work undertaken by our research team, we constantly strive to identify key issues concerning international development and humanitarian assistance, and make our voice and that of our members heard and taken seriously.

Our current advocacy projects include:

  • Researching the effects of counter-terrorism legislation on Muslim charities, and the negative impacts it has had on the service-delivery of these charities. We are currently the co-chair of Bond’s Proscription Sub-Working Group within their Conflict Policy Group.
  • Share information and analysis about the humanitarian and political situation in a number of countries which include: Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Mali, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and to coordinate and implement joint behind-the-scenes advocacy work in close coordination with sister agencies. We are currently the co-chair of the Somalia Advocacy Group.
  • Reviewing the legislative changes proposed by the Charity Commission (CC) to its mandate and assessing the impact this will have on our members, and communicating with the CC on these impacts.
  • Tackling issues of effective coordination, partnership-building and communication with sister agencies, as well as policy makers, government/multilateral institutions and other civil society organisations.