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Afghanistan Refugee Response – A guide for organisations

Afghanistan Refugee Response – A guide for organisations

The recent escalating crisis in Afghanistan has left many people fleeing for safety. As of 20th August 2021, the UK has begun to welcome 5000 refugees and their families who are arriving after a long and traumatic journey. This number is expected to rise.

Responding to the needs of those newly-arrived in the UK is essential in order to help them recover and resettle. Many of these people have arrived with nothing at all. On arrival in the UK following Covid19 testing, they are being placed in 10 day hotel isolation before being moved to temporary accommodation around the UK.

Local grassroots organisations, community groups and individuals have started to gather donations, whilst larger charities are planning response to meet needs of food and shelter.

To ensure a joined-up and thorough response that provides efficient and effective aid, MCF have produced the following short guide to support organisations.

Download now:

We continue to work in conjunction with the Voluntary Community Sector Emergency Partnership (VCSEP) and Together With Refugees coalition to represent refugee rights, mobilise and coordinate support.

If you are an organisation wanting to connect with local authorities or partners to respond to refugee needs, please get in touch with us at and we will aim to connect you.

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