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Apply to become a MCF member

To apply to become a MCF member, download and complete a copy of the ‘MCF membership application and agreement form’ here. Please complete the form electronically (i.e. by using Word or a similar software).

Once the form is completed, this should be signed manually by:

  • The person who has filled the form
  • Your organisation’s Director/CEO and one of your trustees/Chairperson.This form must be accompanied by:

1. A copy of the MCF Charter and of the MCF Code of Conduct (Annex 1 & 2 of the form), both signed by your organisation’s Director/CEO and one of its trustees/Chairperson.

2. The relevant attachments (see ‘Reminders’ throughout the application form).

3. Copies of your organisation’s bank statements covering the last three months.

4. Two letters of reference from Directors, CEOs, or Trustees from other registered charities or existing MCF members, no older than six months.

5. A standing order to pay your annual membership fee to MCF: this will only be activated by MCF if and when your membership is accepted.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed and assessed by MCF’s Membership Committee and MCF’s Board of Trustees every three months (generally in January, April, July, and October).

[Note: Applications received after the 1 st day of these months will be considered in the following round (e.g., an application received after January 1 st will be considered in April).]

MCF reserves the right to refuse membership to an applicant in either of the following cases:

  • Any of the eligibility criteria is not met
  • The applicant organisation to considered to be inconsistent with MCF’s mission and values
    If your application is successful:

1. The standing order you sent with the application to pay your annual membership fee will be activated by MCF. Your annual membership becomes effective on the date the first fee reaches MCF’s account.

2. Your organisation will have to abide by MCF’s Charter, Code of Conduct, Conditions of Membership and Disciplinary Procedure.

For more details, please request a copy of MCF Membership Policy at:

    Checklist of Attachments

    Please make sure to have completed this application form in full and to accompany it with the following attachments: