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Stronger together? Charity partnership working as a way forward.

Stronger together? Charity partnership working as a way forward.

As we move into a post-Covid world, safeguarding small charities and grassroots organisations is essential. Throughout the pandemic, these organisations have served as a lifeline to many vulnerable communities affected by Covid19.
In reflection for Small Charity Week 2021, MCF’s CEO, Fadi Itani, discusses partnership working as a possible option to help small charities become more effective and more resilient in the face of crisis. Building bridges to work effectively together, can help smaller organisations grow safely but also ensure that those who are most hard-to-reach can access the support that they need.

Throughout Covid-19, many of charities have faced a rising wave of challenges. As we move slowly and hesitantly towards a post-Covid world, partnership working is worth considering to future-proof and strengthen defences.   Covid-19 certainly changed the charity world. With reports that many charities went into the pandemic with only one month reserves and some have barely enough to survive a few days these have been and continue to be very challenging times.  As with most problems, recognition is important, but worry can only take you so far. At some point and before too long, the only way to resolve a concern is to face it head on and try and get ahead of the curve.   –

As we celebrate Small Charity Week 2021, discussing and forming meaningful partnerships can be the solution to safeguarding against future calamity.  We are moving hesitantly and slowly towards the end of lockdown but as we know, nothing is guaranteed and depends a lot on the data.  The recent Delta variant shows us that we can’t relax just yet and that the future remains uncertain.  Riding out this storm is the way forward but how small charities do this can depend upon resources, staffing and funding.  Digitalised services mean that responding and adapting to pull in income through new funnels has worked for many. Taking offline events online and developing new and innovative ways of working has and will continue to help. Applying for emergency grant funding is also essential but competition is rife – applications to rounds through April – July are in their thousands. But with furloughed staff and ever decreasing reserves, this won’t be enough for many to survive. 

Read the full article with Civil Society at: Fadi Itani: If we’re really stronger together, could it be time to partner up? (

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