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COVID-19: Preparing for a Local Lockdown

Across western Europe and the US, lockdowns in smaller regions have been enforced in response to local COVID-19 outbreaks. Unfortunately, the locations of these local flare-ups share characteristics that are prevalent amongst BAME communities in the UK. Overcrowded housing, poor living conditions, poor working environments and low socio-economic levels all point towards an increased risk of infection and transmission. This makes it particularly pertinent for charities operating in these ‘high risk’ areas to be prepared for a local lockdown. This guide will provide some advice on how this could be done.

An announcement by the government recently stated that local authorities in England will be provided new powers to impose a lockdown in their area. The lockdowns could take place anywhere, a hospital, school, factory, building, or even a whole city.

It is important that we, as a sector, are prepared for whatever may or may not occur in the coming days, weeks and months.


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