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COVID-19: Preparing For The New Normal

COVID-19: Preparing For The New Normal

With the coronavirus curve beginning to flatten in the UK, the government has begun to slowly relax restrictions. Those who work in jobs that cannot be done from the home were asked, on the 11th May, to return to work by the government. It is likely that in the coming weeks more and more workplaces will begin to open back up and that normality will begin to resume. However, the coronavirus is still a public health crisis, and upon a return to the workplace, serious health and safety considerations must take place.

Whilst your organisations cannot ensure the safety of staff and volunteers on their commutes to work, or outside of the workplace, it is important that they do all that they can to ensure a safe working environment within the office, shop, or any other work set-up your organisation has.

This guide has been put together to help your organisation begin to prepare for a return to the workplace. MCF is not responsible for whether you do or do not follow the advice within these guides. This advice is general, and your organisation may have specific need/issues that need to be addressed depending on the size of your offices, geography, staff size and so on.


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