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COVID-19 Responder Survey

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COVID-19 has already transformed our everyday lives in ways we could never have thought about eight months ago. However, the impact is certainly going to be a protracted one and we must all do our best to stay up to date with what is happening in society.

Please fill out this form if your charitable organisation has responded to COVID-19 since the outbreak took hold in the UK in March. This includes organisations who are still running their COVID-19 services and those who have now stopped.

If you have any questions about this survey or our organisation please email

This survey aims to help the Muslim Charities Forum understand more about how the circumstances charities face are evolving. This will enable us to effectively support your organisation and others through all the uncertainties that lie ahead of us.

Our first report, ‘The Neighbours Next Door,’ successfully provided a broad picture of how organisations responded to COVID-19 and now we seek to dig further beneath the surface and understand what challenges and opportunities charities face.