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Stronger together? Charity partnership working as a way forward.

As we move into a post-Covid world, safeguarding small charities and grassroots organisations is essential. Throughout the pandemic, these organisations have served as a lifeline to many vulnerable communities affected by Covid19. In reflection for Small Charity Week 2021, MCF’s CEO, Fadi Itani, discusses partnership working as a possible option to help small charities become…

MCF x LCF Strategic Partnership – report and recommendations

In August 2020, MCF partnered with The London Community Foundation (LCF) in a two-way learning project to encourage more Muslim-led charities to apply for grant funding. The London Community Response Fund (LCRF) by London Funders, a collaboration of over 60 funders in response to the needs emerging from the Covid19 pandemic, opened Waves 4 and 5 of…