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Give Smart and Give Safe.

Give Smart and Give Safe.

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The holy month of Ramadan is the most blessed month in our religion. It is a time of reflection and contemplation, where we work to reconnect with our faith, and improve ourselves and the world we live in. 

As Muslims, we know the importance that giving to charity holds in our faith. It is a pillar of Islam, a protection and means of expressing gratitude as well as a right that the poor have over those more wealthy.

Many of us increase our charitable giving during Ramadan due to the extra reward on offer in this wonderful month., including donating our annual Zakat during this time.

“The best charity is the one which is given in Ramadan.” [Tirmidhi].

Muslims are generous, masha’Allah. MCF found that, in 2018, British Muslim’s raised an incredible £130 million for charity. With this money, British Muslims and the charities they support are providing life-saving and life-changing work for millions across the globe, including here at home in the UK. As a community, we give to charity year round, but Ramadan is a time of even greater giving – leading to an increased awareness of charitable causes and practice.

COVID-19 has meant that our traditional Ramadan customs and celebrations have had to be suspended, with masjids opening with limitations and communal iftars cancelled. But the giving spirit of Ramadan lives on, with charities stepping up their digital campaigns and online fundraising to compensate for the suspension of traditional in-person fundraising.

With this rise in online giving – during Ramadan and beyond – we want you to be sure that you are giving your money safely and smartly to the causes that matter the most to you, whatever time of year you decide to give.

With our step-by-step guide, you can ensure that your donation is both smart and safe, being confident that your donation gets to its intended recipient securely and gets utilised in the most effective way possible.

Give Smart and Give Safe.

Download our guide today.