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Local organisation? Here’s how you can get involved in the Campaign for National Solidarity!

There are many ways to support the campaign to help us reach as many people as possible.

We welcome local organisations participation in this collective Campaign for National Solidarity.

Here are some suggestions of how you can take part:

  • Share the campaign hashtags with your networks via email, social media or even WhatsApp groups as some people mobilise through their phones! That’s #TogetherWeCan.
  • Inform local groups you know of to register their details for our database which will become a web-based application – email
  • Let us know if you have any skills in your network you might want to share, such as corporate volunteers to offer skills for the campaign. We need to push the campaign far and wide! Any media relationships you have to offer the campaign to share these powerful stories of togetherness would be welcome.
  • Materials you may be able to offer:
    • Do you have medical items which can be donated to local surgeries and/or pharmacies? Using our database we can link it up to ensure materials are going where they are most needed.
    • Do you have a warehouse/storage facilities where local groups could store food/hygiene products for a period of time?
    • Driver couriers – do you have a bank of drivers who can fulfil errands and collect items for volunteers to distribute
    • Equipment for people with disabilities to help ensure their ability to live a life of independence and dignity is not denied to them due to strains on the NHS and care sector.
    • Resources for children at home – perhaps not footballs as some family homes are small, but abacus, reading books, musical instruments might all be welcome to support those struggling to navigate the closure of schools.
    • What about the softer skills? Do you know of people offering relaxation techniques? These skills can be developed into short videos which could be really beneficial to share through networks and reach those in need of not only physical but mental and emotionally support.
    • Do you have access to any celebrities/influencers/high profile people? These people have the reach to get a message to those outside of our circles and can be essential in offering messages of support and motivation to cheer on volunteers and teams across the country.

If you are an organisation that’s providing support to the community and need financial support please get in touch with us at

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