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Discover your #BeSmart donor personality type

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Have you taken our Smart Donor assessment?

On this page you can now find out your donor personality type, based upon your results.

Once you have taken the assessment, you will be given your results per category as well as your score overall. If you provided your email address, your results will also have been emailed to you.

Check your highest scoring category and match it with your personality type below.

Let’s find out!

Scored the highest in the Online Safety category ?

You are a Tech Pro!

You’re tech savvy and aware of the safeguards to potential pitfalls of online financial transactions. You love the ease of digital donations but understand that being safe online is important not just for you, but for the charity and people you are donating to, insha’Allah. Share your awareness with others and earn reward!

Scored high in the Islamic Charitable Principles category?

Congratulations, you are The Adherent! Masha’Allah.

You take your donations seriously and understand that ensuring your intentions and action are in line with Islam, is the important in terms of earning blessings and reward, insha’Allah. You know clearly the difference between zakat and sadaqah, when and how to donate this. Spread the knowledge – you’re doing great!

High score in the Research category?

You are a natural Researcher! Alhamdulillah.

Knowing where your money will go, what will happen to it and how those in need will actually benefit is important to you. You make the effort to look into charities, appeals and find out the impact your donations have. Keep on researching and learning – we love it!

Best score in the Communications section?

You are a Communicator! Masha’Allah we love to hear from you.

Engaging with charities is important to you – you want to form relationships with your charities and get to know them. You aren’t afraid to ask questions and you love to stay in touch and up-to-date with everything that is going on. Keep on discussing and reaching out – charities love hearing from you!

Share your personality type with friends and ask them to do the Be Donor Smart assessment too!