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What type of donor are you?

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Be a Smart Donor this Ramadan!

This Ramadan we are encouraging members of the public to consider the way in which they donate to charitable causes, to ensure that they give smarter and more effectively to those in need.

Muslim giving is huge in the UK. In 2020, it’s been estimated that UK Muslims gave a record breaking £150m and that British Muslim give on average £38 per second during Ramadan, a fact recently highlighted by the Charity Commission.

As a pillar of Islam, Zakat is an obligation upon every eligible Muslim and is due as an annual contribution at 2.5% of your total wealth accumulated over the year. Sadaqah is additional voluntary giving as evidenced in the Qur’an and Sunnah and also carries immense reward.

Whilst giving in faith is highly rewardable, informed giving is essential if we are to ensure that our donations are used as effectively as possible for those in need, struggling in poverty, suffering the effects of natural disaster, caught in war zones or forcibly displaced from their homes.

Choose from the sections below and #BeSmart!

Be Donor Smart Assessment – take the quiz

Give Smart Give Safe Guide – download now

Be Smart blogs – read and learn

Be Smart video series – watch now

This Ramadan, MCF have designed the Be Donor Smart assessment to help you analyse your donation habits.

We are asking ‘What Type of Donor Are You?’ through a quick, multiple-choice quiz.

Take our quiz now to find out your results and your donor personality type!

Learn more about the issues and points you should think about when deciding where and when to donate. You will learn how to give smarter, safer and ensure that your support is more effective for those in need.

Complete the quiz:

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Give Safe Give Smart Guide

Download our Give Safe Give Smart guide to learn more about the thing you need to know in managing your donations. Whether it is Zakat or Sadaqah, giving abroad or at home; the potential of your giving means it’s essential to understand more about the charity landscape and how your donations are managed – for you and for vulnerable people in desperate need of your help.

Give Smart Give Safe:

As Muslims we know the importance that giving of charity holds in our faith and as a community we give all year-round. Learn more about researching, planning and managing your donations to achieve their full potential.

Download your copy of the guide here.

Read more about how you can be a Smart Donor:

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#BeSmart Video Series

Watch and learn with us this Ramadan and beyond, as our CEO Fadi Itani OBE explains more about how to #BeSmart as a donor.