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IPCC Climate Change report of grave concern.

IPCC Climate Change report of grave concern.

MCF are saddened and shocked by the findings of the latest IPCC report on Climate Change.

The ongoing changes in the world’s climate are of serious concern and yet are something that we could have avoided. As our human race, our desire to consume more, build more and do more has resulted in damage to our planet that is now becoming irreversible.

‘Rapid and intensifying’

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report shares the impact of climate change on some of the world’s most vulnerable regions and communities. From the recent fires in Turkey, floods in Sudan, famines in Somalia and Yemen– our actions, devoid of responsibility and care, are damaging our world.  People living in abject poverty from war and oppression are now contending with severe weather, landslides, famine and disease – wiping out whole communities, livestock and crops. For the charities striving hard to rescue and help these people, the rapid change in climate has made it that much harder to save lives.

It is clear that as a global community, we need to act now to change our collective and individual behaviours to avert further global disaster. Our consumerism, material and careless behaviours show we have moved away from the values and commandments of the Qur’an and Sunnah, in our desire to create profit in this world.

Return to green values.

As Muslims, we represent our Deen with an Islamic duty to not only help those in need but also to protect the Earth given to us as an amanah (trust).  From the environment right outside our homes, to the seas, the rainforests and the atmosphere, we have an obligation to nurture and protect our world and all living things within it.  By making more conscious fuel choices, to preventing litter, reducing plastic use and changing our transport habits, every action we do can be rewardable.  

” Muslim Charities Forum are very concerned about the findings of the latest IPCC report. We urge leaders in the charity sector and beyond to prioritise climate change and environmental care for the sake of vulnerable communities today and tomorrow.” – Fadi Itani OBE, CEO.

MCF is concerned about these recent findings and is calling on the global Muslim community and Muslim charity sector to join forces and return to the behaviours of Islam in protecting and caring for the world around us. By uniting together now, we can do something to prevent further suffering.

Read the all the full reports here: AR6 Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change — IPCC

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