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27th February 2015
A guest post by Nick Donaldson, Charity Commission, Outreach Manager Recent media attention on charities that have invited external speakers to events, or have allowed their premises to be used by external speakers, has created some nervousness, with many trustees wanting to knowhow far... more
23rd April 2012
So ok ... the title of this blog is probably not the first thing you think of when thinking about proposals within the charity sector. But if you give it some thought, a proposal for funding is in many ways similar to a marriage proposal. Finding the right partner/funding body Timing Seek... more
13th March 2012
You would think that my first blog in over a month may cover some of the humanitarian issues that have been prevalent in recent weeks. Instead I want to look towards the future. In the UK, we have sporting events such as the Olympics and tennis from Wimbledon both alongside the Queen’s Diamond... more
31st January 2012
This is an interesting story about the Red Cross receiving the most media coverage out of the different charities within the UK with 38,590 mentions on print and broadcast media. Cumulatively the charities that were measured (yes all 74 of them) received 623,856 mentions in print, radio or... more
13th January 2012
We always blame the mainstream media of making a fool out of the Muslim community. We always say we are innocent from what they say and write about us. We believe that the media has an ‘Islamophobic’ dimension and we often believe in the conspiracy theory of media against us. Have we asked... more
6th January 2012
I have visited 3 North African countries during and after the Arab spring and I met many British, North American, European and Muslim community leaders and youths who decided to take the risk and leave the comfort zone to start from scratch in a new man’s land of a newly born country. Did our... more
31st December 2011
One year gone and another year is coming. We need to stop and look back at what we have been doing in 2011. The milestones that we have laid down in 2011 were not meant to be for a British entity whose mandate is to build capacity and connectivity between Muslim charitiesin the UK. The needs... more
23rd December 2011
When building a structure like a bridge or building; it is generally best to look at the physical dimensions mathematically to ensure that the structure is stable. If you speak to civil engineers they will tell you have to lay down foundation of pillars or pillar of foundations. Theologians will... more
8th December 2011
As the year winds down – it seems that the world is forgetting the different humanitarian emergencies around the world. We have seen drought and floods affect the Horn of Africa, Floods in Pakistan, and outbreaks of disease in countries such as Chad, Mali and Nigeria. The news is in recent weeks... more
5th December 2011
For me the month of December and the festive period always remind me of the earthquake and tsunami which hit parts of South Asia in 2004. It was quite a shock to wake up on Boxing Day, which is a public holiday in the UK, and hearing that parts of South Asia were submerged underwater. The... more


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