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22nd August 2014
The increasing intensity of violence in Iraq and the rate at which it is spreading has prompted 11 organisations with roots in Christian and Muslim faiths to join forces and issue an urgent call for the end of what they called “horrific” suffering in Iraq. The organisations, including... more
30th July 2014
The Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) is very concerned by the announcements that a number of Islamic faith based charities have had their bank accounts closed by HSBC. All of these organisations are legally operating in the UK and registered with the Charity Commission who are responsible for... more
25th July 2014
The Muslim Charities Forum is deeply concerned at the closure of a bank account held by aid organisation Ummah Welfare Trust. This announcement is the latest in a serious of risk averse measures taken by the banking industry which has had adverse effects on the charity sector. For this... more
22nd July 2014
The Muslim Charities Forum welcomes today’s recommendation from David Anderson QC in his Annual Review of the Terrorism Act 2000 stating that there should be dialogue between charities and government departments to ensure that counter terrorism policies don’t impede humanitarian, reconciliation and... more
14th July 2014
The Muslim Charities Forum is concerned to see the rising death toll and humanitarian need faced by all in Gaza. We support the call by 34 aid agencies to agree to a ceasefire and durable solution to ensure the protection of civilians on both sides. The unimpeded delivery of aid and support for... more
7th July 2014
Mr John Witherow Editor The Times 1 Pennington Street London E98 1ST Thursday 2nd July 2014 Today, Monday 7th July 2014, The Times published a letter sent from the Muslim Charitites Forum regarding the Charity Commission's new policy of disclosing names of charities that are under... more
4th July 2014
MCF Operations Manager, Abdurahman Sharif will be taking part in a panel discussion at the launch of the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) on Tuesday 8th July. Speakers will address these and other questions: How new actors influence INGO’s decisions regarding security risk... more
2nd July 2014
As the holy month of Ramadan gets underway, the Muslim Charities Forum has taken a step forward to wish the British public “Ramadan Mubarak” and called for peace at home and abroad. Calling Ramadan a time to fast, pray, reflect and give to charity, the full page advert in today’s Metro newspaper... more
30th June 2014
The Charity Commission has launched a reminder for donors to give safely this Ramadan. The Safer Giving Campaign reminds donors to look out for the following before donating: 1. Before giving, check the charity's name and registration number against the online charity search tool: Find a... more
29th May 2014
The Muslim Charities Forum is pleased to present the report from Looking Beyond 2015: Pakistan Post Millennium Development Goals - a conference held in London on 3rd December 2013 in partnership with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (www.ppaf.org.pk). The report covers the... more


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