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Why Join MCF?

The Muslim Charities Forum welcomes Muslim-led humanitarian organisations based in the UK to apply for membership. Membership with MCF is recognition of a commitment to MCF’s standards and its charter.

Why Join MCF?

MCF members enjoy access to a growing network of the UK’s leading Muslim charities. The MCF runs events throughout the year, offering members various opportunities to get involved and engage with others who seek to influence the humanitarian agenda.

More specifically, all MCF members receive the following benefits:

  • Increased recognition of your organisation in the NGO community and help raise the profile of the sector.
  • Opportunities to influence the evolution of Muslim charities in the UK and the international development and humanitarian assistance agendas.
  • Have your voice and views heard at policy and operational meetings with MCF members, outside experts, government officials, and other NGO platforms and stakeholders.
  • Access networking opportunities through our events, conferences, training workshops and online social networks.
  • Establish partnerships by building relationships with other CEOs at our CEO events.
  • Access a wide variety of training and get a 20% discount for your organisation to build the skills of your workforce and improve the quality of your work. Our courses and workshops are delivered by skilled professionals who are experts in their field.
  • Receive support on a variety of issues at a discounted rate so that your organisation can become more effective.
  • Participate in our member-led working groups to increase your knowledge and understanding on issues of concern and use collective expertise to influence policy-makers.

Full members will also be able to:

  • Access our online Knowledge Bank which contains an extensive database of information, guidance and documents supporting your operations, as well as shared policies and procedures from member organisations.
  • Access policy and regulation consultations to allow you to directly influence policy decisions that are difficult to access as a single organisation.
  • Advertise job vacancies, events and services on our website.


Full Membership

Associate Membership

Eligible to vote at AGM

Access to online Knowledge Bank

Access to Policy and Regulation Consultations

Discounts for Trainings

Access to CEO only events


Access to Working Groups


Access to Networking Events

Advertise Events and Services on MCF's Website