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MCF members are required to commit to the following Code of Conduct. Authority to make changes to the MCF’s Code of Conduct rests with MCF’s Board of Trustees, which will take adequate steps to inform MCF members of any such changes.

“As an MCF member our organisation opposes and shall not be a party to wrongdoing, terrorism, corruption, bribery, other financial impropriety, or illegal acts in any of our activities in the UK or in our work overseas. We shall take prompt and firm corrective action, including, where appropriate, reporting to the relevant regulator and/or authority, whenever and wherever wrongdoing of any kind is found involving or which might involve a Trustee, employee, contractor or volunteer, and shall comply with guidance issued by the Charity Commission in reporting serious incidents.  We shall comply with all relevant laws and with Charity Commission guidance, particularly with the guidance: ‘Protecting charities from harm: compliance toolkit’. We agree to adopt such policies as MCF sees fit to put in place from time to time.”