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Our History

For more than 10 years since our inception in 2007, we have worked to help organisations, trustees and staff of British Muslim INGOs to access the skills, tools, information and networks they need to serve humanity and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

The historical evolution of MCF mirrors the growth of the Muslim charitable sector in the UK.
Following the establishment of the first British Muslim INGOs in the 1980s and early 1990s, the sector grew more and more and by the mid-2000s the need for an umbrella membership organisation came to the fore. MCF was founded in 2007 to address that need, by providing a voice and support for Muslim INGOs based in the UK. Five founding members contributed time, energy, expertise and considerable funding to help MCF establish and develop.

Since its foundation, MCF’s membership has more than tripled. The diversity among members has also increased, with smaller NGOs joining MCF. Whilst until 2017 membership to MCF was open only to UK-based Muslim INGOs working overseas in the humanitarian/aid/development sector, MCF membership is now open also to registered British Muslim charities that are active uniquely in the UK on a broader range of social welfare areas (For more info on our membership scheme and on how to become a MCF member, see here).