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Our diverse network includes both well established and smaller developing NGOs.
Internationally, MCF members serve millions of people in need who live in poor or disaster-stricken regions around the globe. In the UK, MCF members respond to local crises and promote social welfare and greater cohesion by working with local communities.

African Development Trust

Established in 2004, African Development Trust (ADT) is a small Muslim charity dedicated to providing relief and long-lasting sustainable improvements to the lives of people affected by poverty, war and natural disasters in Africa. They have a number of projects from rebuilding infrastructure to the sponsoring of orphans. ADT also provides emergency relief in Africa whenever disaster strikes and are dedicated to empowering communities across the continent.

African Relief Fund

Founded in 1996, African Relief Fund have spent the last 20 plus years working tirelessly on projects across the African continent, particularly in the Horn of Africa. Some of their projects include providing vital assistance to those living in areas effected by drought, famine and conflict, as well as providing much needed education, healthcare and water projects.

Al Khair Foundation

Founded in 2003, Al-Khair Foundation strives to tackle and alleviate the suffering of dispossessed people globally. Their projects vary from much needed emergency relief, to education, to seasonal and religious programmes. Al-Khair Foundation also provides a number of brilliant domestic programmes in the UK, such as projects on healthcare support, domestic violence and employability.

Ethar Relief

Established in 2006, Ethar Relief is a humanitarian aid organisation with a focus mainly on East Africa. The charity works to ease the struggles and suffering of refugees through providing emergency aid, educational establishments and empowering communities, particularly women. Their projects range from emergency appeals and water facilities, to the provision of medical care and the building of mosques.

Human Appeal

Founded in 1991, Human Appeal has worked for over 25 years providing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable, saving lives and changing lives for the better. Human Appeal seeks to battle the root causes of poverty internationally via empowering and sustainable projects, as well as providing emergency relief in crisis situations – at the same time, they seek to empower communities both domestically and internationally to become self-sufficient rather than dependent on aid

Human Relief Foundation

Founded in 1991, Human Relief Foundation strives to promote sustainable social and economic development through working with local communities via relief and developmental programmes, empowering and supporting them in building a better life and to develop their own solutions to global problems. Human Relief Foundation works across a number of different countries: Iraq, India, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Kenya and Ghana.

Islamic Help

Established in 2003, Islamic Help seeks to inspire the younger generation to be part of helping and changing people’s lives globally, as well as empowering people to be confident in participating in their own development in dire and often disaster-stricken communities. Whether it be environmental work or supporting Orphans across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, or serving local communities in the UK through Cleanup Projects and providing food aid for the UK’s most vulnerable, Islamic Help seeks to improve the world for all who inhabit it.

Islamic Relief UK

Founded in 1984 with a donation of 20 pence, Islamic Relief has spent over 34 years dedicated in helping millions of vulnerable people globally. Islamic Relief is the largest Islamic charitable organisation in the Western world and serves over 40 countries globally providing vital access to emergency aid, fighting poverty, and helping to provide education, development and sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable and underprivileged communities. Some of Islamic Reliefs projects include campaigning for Gender Justice in humanitarian and development contexts, as well as emergency appeals to aid those living in conflict and disaster zones such as Yemen, Syria and Myanmar, and previously Nepal, Haiti, Chechnya and more.

Muslim Charity

Muslim Charity was founded in 1999, specialising in delivering aid and development programmes in order to change and save the lives of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Their mission is to help and empower those in need to escape a life of poverty by providing long-term sustainable assistance facilitating these communities toward self-reliance. The charity builds and provides educational and health facilitates as well as emergency relief in order to facilitate this process, as well as providing access to safe drinking water, and other life-changing projects

Muslim Hands

In 1993, stirred by the devastation caused by the Bosnian War, Muslim Hands was established. The charity initially began with the specific focus of helping the people of Bosnia, but later it grew into an international aid agency. Working in over 50 countries, Muslim Hands provides much needed emergency relief, developing long-term projects aimed at eradicating the root causes of poverty and providing communities with what they need to survive and live fruitful lives: schooling, healthcare clinics, clean drinking water, and more

READ Foundation

READ Foundation was created in 1994 with the aim to use schooling as a means of which children from poor and underprivileged backgrounds could escape poverty. The charity is dedicated to providing school places for children whose families are unable to afford for them to have an education. They work not only on sponsorship of orphans and other children but also directly on the building of new schools, as well as the renovating of old schools in order to make their mission a reality.

Ummah Welfare Trust

Ummah Welfare Trust is a UK-based international relief and development charity established in 2001. Inspired by the Islamic teachings of empathy, generosity and selflessness. The charity aims to alleviate poverty and suffering across the world.