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While the members of the MCF’s network are diverse, we are united by values that are rooted in our shared faith of Islam, which are:


We believe that all human beings are created equally and with the same God-given dignity: serving human-kind regardless of any differences is one of the most noble actions any person can undertake.


We believe that all resources are made available by God in the form of trust: we are ‘trustees’ of the resources at our disposal and we are accountable to the people we serve, the public, regulatory bodies and ultimately to God for our actions.


Our shared faith encourages us to be truthful and reliable, and to keep records of our interactions. Therefore, we are committed to be clear and open about our policies, our resources, and our impact.


Our shared faith encourages us to be productive and to avoid wastefulness. Therefore, we are committed to conducting efficient allocation of resources and to monitor our performance.


Our shared faith encourages us to strive for excellence in all that we do. Therefore, we are committed to operate in a legal, ethical, and professional way, doing things with sincere intentions and in the best, most correct, and most complete manner.