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Proactive Safeguarding statement

Proactive Safeguarding statement

The purpose of charitable organisations is to alleviate the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable, and to give communities a fairer and more equal chance at life. At the forefront of this work, it is our duty to protect and safeguard those we serve at every stage of our involvement.

At MCF, we prioritise and are dedicated to promoting good practice, accountability, transparency, and the development of safeguarding infrastructure within Muslim charitable organisations. We provide training and guidance for both members and non-members and advise the public on how to give safely and securely. We have seen incredible improvements within the sector and a real commitment to progress, but we know that there is still work to be done. The importance of safeguarding applies to us all, and any incidents, allegations or investigations are a stark reminder of upmost urgency and seriousness that organisations need to treat safeguarding with.

The following are recommendations for improving safeguarding:

  • Always risk-assess all operations via a safeguarding audit led by trained members of staff. Conduct due diligence checks with partners, external contractors, speakers or representatives.
  • Practice a safer recruitment policy of all staff and volunteers. Keep up to date records of checks.
  • Ensure all your staff, including partners and representatives, are aware of and trained regularly on their safeguarding responsibilities and your organisation’s commitment to zero tolerance.
  • Ensure all beneficiaries are aware of the organisations safeguarding policies, and of the complaints process.
  • Ensure that your organisation has support and protection in place for survivors, victims and whistle-blowers.
  • Ensure your organisation’s policies are clear, easily accessible and put into practice. If you work internationally, your policies should be provided in the language of the country/s or region/s you are operating in. Organisations with online delivery should also ensure that they have taken account of digital safeguarding.

Statement in full:

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