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MCF conducts research on many issues affecting the way the Muslim charity sector works. Through learning more about these issues, we are better placed to support the sector. Here you will find a library of all of our research and that of others relevant to our work, which is available to download.

Why do we research?

Research is the foundation of the work that we do. Through it, we can form opinions and make informed decisions on our strategic direction, as well as work to influence decision makers in government and other areas of policy that affect the charity sector.

The changing and challenging landscape of humanitarian aid and development has meant that more research needs to be done to enhance our understanding of how the charity sector can improve its delivery. For our members who are Muslim and faith-based, this need is more imperative as they face unique challenges pertaining to their faith, but they also offer a multitude of dynamic opportunities in changing the way we think about charity.

What are our current research areas?

MCF is currently researching the following:

  • The effects of counter-terrorism legislation on the humanitarian activities of the Muslim charity sector
  • The banking industry and how it regulates charity transactions in light of international counter-terrorism legislation
  • Christian-Muslim relations in Africa and fault-lines of tension. Our latest research was in the Central African Republic where we wrote a report based on our findings during a weeklong interfaith mission in Bangui
  • Investigating the quality of governance in Places of Worship and faith-based charities and identify how best they can be strengthened via capacity building activities
  • The ways in which Muslim faith-based and Diaspora charities negotiate access in high-risk areas of conflict and their understanding of the Humanitarian principles

MCF is always interested in collaborative research work and partnerships.  If you would like to discuss potential collaborative work, or have identified research areas that you think we should be exploring, please contact Monowara Gani at m.gani@muslimcharitiesforum.org.uk